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Hi, Y’all!

Welcome to Electively Paige!

I’m just going to preface this by saying I’m awful about talking about myself. One of my many flaws, really. Right up there with my ability to trip and faceplant over flat surfaces. One of my favorite things to do is create lists(did I mention I’m a total nerd?) so that’s what I’m going to do here.

  1. You can call me Paige. You know, if that wasn’t obvious.
  2. I am a born and raised Kentuckian but I have lived in 3 different parts of the state before settling here in the South Central area. The grass really isn’t blue where I’m at, and no I don’t always wear those derby hats.(just sometimes)
  3. I am a Christian. I am trying to work up the nerve to get into Bible journaling but I am just not that artistic. I admit it.
  4. My furbabies are some of the most spoiled little angelic devils on the planet.
  5. I have extreme wanderlust. I love exploring new places, and have a pretty epic bucket list.
  6. My tastes in everything(for example – books, tv shows, movies, songs) are eclectic and I would really struggle to pick a favorite.
  7. I can, however, say my first favorite book I remember having was The Secret Garden and also the Spiderwick Chronicles – but I can’t remember which I read first. I was also apparently really fond of Doctor Seuss back in the day but I don’t quite remember that.
  8. I could watch The Princess Bride and Sweet Home Alabama over and over. I don’t know if that makes them favorite movies, I just know that that makes me weird. HONESTLY more of a horror/Sci-fi/Marvel movie fan but I make no apologies for loving a good romcom
  9. I totally think I will survive the zombie apocalypse if it ever happens.
  10. Who am I kidding? I’ll be the first eaten because I’ll try to save a squirrel or something.
  11. I actually don’t watch a whole lot of TV during the day and I’m more of a Netflix/Hulu/Prime series binge-watcher. Total Whovian residing in the Upside Down while I hone my use of the Force.
  12. Despite my bubbly personality on here(that’s a joke – you can laugh) I am actually pretty quiet and reserved unless I know people.
  13. When I’m sleepy, I do a complete 180 and can’t quit talking. My family hates me on long trips.
  14. I love spreading the word about other people’s books(did I mention that’s what I do?) but I am too scared to publish my own. Yet.
  15. I could live on honey mustard Pringles and beef jerky.
  16. I’m glad I can’t afford to live on honey mustard Pringles and beef jerky. That would not be healthy.
  17. If you read all of this, you deserve a cookie.


What You’ll Find Here:

All Things Bookish – I’m a big reader and so I love sharing the latest book news, reviews, interviews and more with my readers. This is what a HUGE chunk of this blog is devoted to

Geeky Awesomeness – I won’t hesitate to admit I am a huge geek so I have a bit of an obsession with Funko Pops, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Marvel, Harry Potter, to name a few of my fandoms. So, yeah, I might have a few posts involving these things. Oh and *cough* don’t expect much of a response from me on TWD/Steelers Sundays, haha.

All Things Furbabies – I currently live on my family’s mini-farm helping my parents keep things together as my father has a degenerative muscular disease. We are pretty big animal lovers and have four dogs and five cats – yeah, I know – we have our hands full! You will likely see me talk about a lot of the products and services I use for my furbabies and my regular models in these features are Big Ben(Yorkie – 3 years old as of 02/17/2017) and Lil’ Bell (Pomeranian – 2 years old as of 11/2017).

Travel and Outdoor Tips and Gear Recommendations – Did I mention I love getting outside and traveling? I’ll help you out with the what you need to know for your next trip and rave about my favorite places to take a hike.

Household and Kitchen Posts – I LOVE redecorating, cooking and finding cool hacks to make life a little bit easier at home.

Holiday Gift Guides – Perfect for picking out that perfect gift for anyone on your list!

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