Apothecary Extracts Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and Book Review

Posted 13 October, 2014 by Paige in Book Reviews / 0 Comments

Okay y’all, I know this strays a little from my normal topics(i.e. awesome books), but I thought I would share a bit about Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, since I was provided a bottle to review along with an awesome book of 50+ Uses for Tea Tree Oil. The book was, well, pretty awesome for me considering the fact that I’d never actually used Tea Tree Oil before, or any essential oils for that matter. I’m kind of wary to try things on my skin, especially since mine is really sensitive.

I was put a little at ease when I was told that since being founded in 2013 Apothecary Extracts strive to represent the best quality and potency available. So, I was actually pretty excited about trying out the oil!

One thing I will say is that the company ships really quick! I can say this with certainty because even though I was provided the product for this review, I was given a code for Amazon to place my order(since it’s sold exclusively through Amazon), so I had the same ordering and delivering experience as everyone else. When it arrived, I have to say I was a little taken back, four ounces really doesn’t seem like a whole lot. The company seems proud of how big the bottle is and even goes so far as to state that it will last an entire year, which kind of confused me because, hey, have they seen the bottle? Once I started flipping through the e-book I realized that each ‘recipe’ didn’t really take a whole lot. So, I could potentially seeing it last a pretty long time. Whether or not it’ll last a whole year of regular use? Well, maybe I’ll do a follow-up post when the bottle does empty, and see what kind of use out of it. Really though, It does seem like a pretty good deal!

I am happy to report that I have not yet seen any averse effects from using the oil in products on my skin, so that is a definite plus. There are so many things that the book claims Tea Tree Oil is good for that now that I know that it’s not bothering my skin I can’t wait to see what else I can try it on!

Overall, whether you are new to essential oils or have used them in the past, you might want to check out Apothecary Extracts on their website or Amazon!

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