Aspen and the Dream Walkers by Caroline Swart

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About the Book:
Aspen Walker is approaching her sixteenth birthday. She lives with her mean stepfather and his manipulative daughter and life hasn’t been good to her. 

At night, she dreams of belonging to a powerful clan who fight a war against evil creatures called Chancellors. 

Dylan Powers is the hot new guy at school and while Aspen sleeps at night, she imagines that he’s a member of her clan, teaching her how to fight the enemy. Dreaming of him is thrilling, until he mentions things at school that have happened at night. His electric touch and mysterious friends make her wonder if her clan is more than just a fantasy. 

What does Dylan want from her and why does his touch set her body alight? And what if she hasn’t been dreaming at all? 

Aspen and the Dream Walkers is the first book in the Dream Walkers series.

My Thoughts:
I was intrigued by the synopsis of Aspen and the Dream Walkers as soon as I read it. It has that Cinderella type feel that I love in modern spins, but with the unique twist of Aspen being a little bit different than your run of the mill tortured step daughter/sister. Aspen’s step sister and step father are both extremely cruel, and while her step sister gets pretty much anything she wants, Aspen can’t even have new clothes. So, she pretty much lives a life sadness and what amounts to torture. 
Then Dylan comes along and Aspen’s dreams become more vivid, almost realistically so. Life gets even more complicated when Dylan starts mentioning things that happen in Aspen’s dream world, and she finds out life is not all it seems and she’s no normal girl. 
I really enjoyed reading this! So many of these type of books in YA fall cliche as of late, so much that I’ve been shying a bit away from the genre and more towards New Adult lately but with Aspen and the Dream Walkers I didn’t feel this way. Yes, there was the cliche pretty mean girls and really attractive guy but hey, some cliches are actually pretty fun to read and really add to the story like in this case. I would recommend this for any teen and maybe even some tweens, this is not a book that there is that really inappropriate content that seems to sneak into books targeted toward the young teen crowd, yet there is still lots of appeal for us older teen readers. I would say that I would recommend this book from anyone from a twelve year old cousin to any of my twenty/thirty-something year old YA loving friends(I’ll be one of those someday!). So, if you’re in the market for a great read with lots of adventure then this book is for you! 
*I received this book for review from the publisher, but this in no way affected my thoughts expressed in this review.*

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