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Thank you for your interest in booking a tour with Electively Paige!

In terms of getting your book out there to the masses, you can never have too much exposure. One of the best ways to get that exposure is by being featured on book blogs during a Blog Tour.

Before going any further, I ask that you please make sure you read the following terms(click the box that says “terms”). I want to ensure that you understand my policies, procedures, and services offered before contacting me. I want nothing more than for your book to be a success, and these terms will make it easier for us both to help achieve that.

-Please have review copies available in Mobi format. I send review copies direct to Kindle/Kindle App as it seems to be the preference of my tour hosts. If you would, however, like the review copies to be available in Epub or even PDF I am able to accommodate those as well.  Bloggers are not to post reviews during the tour that are less than 3 stars. I have recently started a Review Team of readers who review on Amazon and/or Goodreads but do not have a book blog. Please specify when booking whether or not you’re okay with them receiving review copies. I personally feel that the more reviews the better, but this is up to you.

-Tours should be booked two months in advance, as I strive to obtain the best possible number of participants and reviews. Review copies should be made available to bloggers at least one month prior to the start of tour, however I will accept as little as two weeks but bloggers might not be able to review in time if this is the case, seeing as they usually have a long TBR(to be read list).

-Although I book as many stops as possible, the occasional blogger might miss posts because of circumstances that are beyond my control. This is why I book extra tour stops and I will strive to ensure that those stops still post, even if they are late.

-Sales are not guaranteed to occur during the tour. Like any promotional tool, sales aren’t always immediate. Blog Tours are something that gets your name in front of an unlimited number of people both during the tour, and after. Bloggers are asked to post reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads, so those reviews will be there for everyone to see when deciding if they’d like to buy your book even if they don’t follow that particular blog. However, a few of my hosts are international and might not be able to post on Amazon US.

– Tours are paid for up front, and once the invoice(done through PayPal) is paid I make the tour banner, create the sign up form and begin booking blogs.

– You will be kept up to date on all arrangements pertaining to the tour. You will have the option to book unlimited reviews, or a limited number of your choosing. I personally recommend as many reviews as possible, the more exposure the better, right?

– You choose the options your tour hosts have as far as posting, standard for all tours are Promo and Promo with Review, however other options can include author interviews, character interviews, guest posts by the author as well as any other ideas you have in mind!

– I recommend having teasers for your book(s) to be included in the tour posts. Teasers are promotional images with small quotes from your book(s) that pull readers in and leave them wanting the rest of the book! By providing teasers, you verify that you have the right to use the images. I strive to protect my bloggers and therefore I don’t want any copyright issues. If you don’t have any teasers but would like some – let me know! I’d be happy to help with them. Graphics are something I’m just getting into but really enjoy.

– Each day of the tour, I will collect the links that morning and drop them in a shared Google Doc so that you can also visit them and share on your social media if you like. I will also send out tweets for the tour, as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms, Blog Tours and Book Blitzes can be great promotional tools as far as helping authors get the word out about their books. Partner with me and together we’ll get your books in front of fresh eyes! Below I have outlined the different options I have available to you, but if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

One-Three Day Book Blitz – $80

This is a great option for authors wanting a nice boost in the promotion of their book or series after it has already been released, but don’t feel the time is right for a full-fledged tour. If you are planning  free days or sale days for one of your books, this option might be a good idea to help further promote that. I will send an invite out to my tour host list as well as find and contact bloggers who enjoy reading your particular genre to get as many bloggers as possible to participate in this one day promotional boost. Bloggers will share the book cover, synopsis, purchase links, author bio and author photo(if available), I also ask that you provide a small excerpt of the book as well. Excerpts are a great way to get a reader interested in your book so I strongly encourage this, though it’s not necessary. If you are interested in a giveaway for your Book Blitz, I will create and manage the Giveaway Widget, so there is absolutely no work on your part.

Release Day Launch – $80

A Release Day Launch is a wonderful option to help promote your book on Release Day. Happening on, of course, the release day, bloggers who participate will share a promotional post of your book and be given the option to review. Though never required, I strongly encourage a giveaway to be included with this option as it helps build hype for newly released books, especially for debut authors.

One Week Blog Tour – $115

A one week/seven day tour is a perfect option for those who want a huge boost for their book. I will send an email out to my tour host list as well as contact bloggers who I feel are perfect fits for your book to get as many blogs as possible. You have the option to make this promo/promo with review only, but I suggest having options like author/character interviews and guest posts available to bloggers, along with things like a book playlist and other fun things that get potential readers talking about a book! I also recommend a tour wide giveaway be included with this option, but it is still optional. They are a great way to get readers following your social media, so they are kept up to date on your books. If you choose to do one, I will create and manage the giveaway widget.

Two Week Blog Tour – $180

A two week tour is exactly like the one week, only it lasts, well, two weeks! This is a great option for new releases or to provide a promotional boost to older books. Taking into consideration that the majority of my tour hosts not only feature your blog on their site, but share across their social media, think of how much exposure a two week tour can bring!

Cover Reveal – $50

Need to get the cover for your upcoming release in front of the masses? I will organize several blogs and book related Facebook pages to reveal your new book cover on the day you choose, either all in one day or slowly over three days. This is a fantastic way to build hype about your book before you even publish it. The bloggers and pages will post the cover, synopsis, author bio, Goodreads and pre-order links and excerpt if available! This option works best, I feel, if preorder links are already available. Even if they aren’t, it’s a great way to plant that first seed in readers’ minds that your book is coming soon!

Ready to Book?

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