Book Review Policy

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by!

I am currently accepting review requests.

General Information:

First thing's first. I'm going to be a little presumptuous here and assume that because you are on this particular page, you are requesting a review and not a reader of my blog. Hope that's okay! So, the information on this page is directed towards authors, publishers, publicists, etc. When I say review, for the most part I do not mean I'm going to critically analyze your book. That's not my style. I read books because I love to do so, and I write reviews because I love helping readers find awesome books and authors find awesome readers. My reviews are extremely subjective, which means they are a representation of my thoughts and feelings about the book, along with who I think the book would be a good read for. I talk a lot about how well I connect with the characters and how well the book pulled me in, more than I talk about a grammar error here or there. They happen, really they do. Not saying that I never mention errors like these, if they become too difficult for me to read I will definitely point it out. I just don't feel like a misplaced comma here or there makes or breaks a book for me. On a personal stand point, I much prefer reading reviews such as these as I feel that a more conversational tone let's me know that "Hey, this person is human. If they liked this book(or didn't), maybe I will(or won't) too!" Know what I mean?   On that note, I will never compromise my integrity as a Blogger or on a personal standpoint. My reviews are always honest, so suffice to say they won't always be positive. That being said, I never take any pleasure in negating someone's work, and strongly believe that every book has its audience. I will not and do not condone slandering a book or author. Just because I don't like a particular book, doesn't mean it won't be someone else's favorite.   Besides this blog, my reviews are posted on Amazon and Goodreads, as well as other retail sites if requested. If you have a place for reviews on your own website(like, for instance, Zondervan does) I will post my review there as well. My reviews contain the title, sometimes the author bio, cover art, a rating(1-5 stars whole stars, as well as 3.5 or 4.5 stars), the book's synopsis, publication date if provided and my honest, unbiased opinion. I have pretty eclectic taste in books, but I'll try to go a bit in depth here.

Types of Books I Accept:

Feel free to still send a request if you are unsure about where your book falls.


I read books that fall under the Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult genres, along with the occasional middle grade. I also like to read books in the following genres:


Literary Fiction

Contemporary/Contemporary Romance

Historical Fiction

Horror(on a case by case basis)


Science Fiction(on a case by case basis)

Christian Fiction

Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense

Most All Romance

Chick Lit


Biographies and Memoirs(Love a good memoir!)

Bibles, Devotionals, Apologetics and other Christian-Related Nonfiction

Types of Books I Won't Accept:

Graphic Novels or Comic Books: I'm just not familiar enough with these to give a fair review. Possibly someday soon, especially since Chase is now helping with the blog!

Other than that, I'm open to anything. My tastes in books change all the time, and I don't like people to feel like they can't send me a request. I do my very best to respond to each and every one. I do get a lot of requests, so I might not get back to right away whether I'm accepting or declining, but I will get back to you.


What formats do you accept?

I accept e-book, print or audiobook formats. For e-books, my preferred format is mobi because I have a Kindle. No format is given preference over the other and all requests are treated equally.

Do you accept Self-Published/Indie titles:

Of course! I am in no way prejudice as to who published a book, I love reading in general and will consider all requests equally no matter who published the book. So, I will definitely accept Indie titles. Like all books, it's a case by case basis depending on how I feel about the book based on the information provided.

If I send you my book, can you guarantee you will read and review it?

If you follow my review policy, send me a request, and I agree to receive your book, I will most certainly follow through and read and review it. Unsolicited copies are not as likely to be read and reviewed. I prefer you send me a request through the below form and I will get back to you! Please realize that, even though I give a date in which you can expect a review, I am human and sometimes things happen. Please know that your review will come, and I will email you(you as in the author, publicist, or publisher that originally contacted me) with the links when the review is posted. I am more than happy to participate in blog tours as well. Just fill the form at as normal, and then mention the blog tour in the "Anything else I need to know" slot, along with dates and I will let you know if I can participate in the tour.

When will you read and review my book?

Though I read rather fast, I do get keep a quite a long to be read list. I will get to your book as soon as possible, and do my level best to accommodate dates you need books read by, such as blog tours, release days, etc. Other than that, I will give you a tentative time frame upon acceptance of the request. Just know it will be as soon as possible.

Do you offer Author or Character Interviews?

Yes! I would be more than happy to interview you, or even a character in your book. I do like to have read the book before, just so I have an idea of what questions to ask.

Do you allow Guest Posts on your blog?

I would absolutely love to have you guest post on my blog! There will be a page for this in the near future, but for now please email with the subject line being Guest Post Request.

Are you(Paige) the only reviewer for Electively Paige?

Up until recently, yes, but I have now started having my own younger brother, Chase, review some as well. Please keep in mind that either of us(or both of us!) might read and review your book if it is accepted for review. Having two people allows us to accept more books for review, so we decided on this instead of him starting his own blog. Fair warning, I often refer to him as my Minion, haha. So, if you see that reference around the blog, he's who I'm talking about!

Submitting the Request:

So, you've read this policy and are interested in a review on Electively Paige? That's awesome! Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you A.S.A.P. Until then, please, feel free to click around the blog and make yourself at home! I recently made the move here from my old domain, but I did transfer my old posts. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Book Information

Please enter your book information in the fields below and I will get back to you ASAP! Some fields might not apply to your book, so you should be able to skip over them. Having this information submitted in this format makes me able to accept more requests because I can copy this directly into a new post and the less time it takes me to build posts the more reading time I have, and therefore the more requests I can accept 🙂 There is a slot at the bottom that says Your message or other information, and that's a slot where you can let me know a bit about you if you like. Such as an author bio or something like that. If you have any other questions for me you can email me any time at

Giveaway Information

Occasionally, I run giveaways here on the blog as an added bit of exposure both for the author, and for the blog. I use a service called Gleam that tracks entries and include options like visiting and following the author's social media for entry options. If you would like for me to host a giveaway for you to run alongside my review please let me know below 🙂


Aside from running this blog, I also offer promotional services for authors.
Blog Tours are a great way to get the word out about your book with promo features and reviews on multiple blogs over a one to two week span. My standard rate is $60 for a one week tour and $90 for a two week both of which I manage everything and get as many blogs as possible on board. I require a two month planning period to give me time to get as many blogs as I can and to give those bloggers that choose to read and review your book for the tour plenty of time to do so.
My PA Services include:
Blog Tour Organization and Regularly seeking out Blog Reviews
Social Media Management
Creation of Teasers and other Graphics
Promoting in Facebook Groups
Building and Managing Street Teams
Organizing Event Takeovers
Advertising Sales
Beta Reading
Making Google Forms
Website Management and Blogging
And other things of that sort. The pricing on my personal assistant services is completely flexible based on your needs. I bill on a monthly basis in advance of services and am willing to work with any budget.
Feel free to let me know if you're interested in any of these opportunities and I will be in touch with more information on these services. I would love to work with you! (reviews and features of any kind on this blog are, or course, free and always will be).