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Caru Pet Food recently sent Big Ben some samples of their food to try out and let me just say he was one happy Yorkie when the box arrived! I knew without a doubt that Bus, Bell and even Jethro would like the stews without even having to have them try them out, but for things like this Ben is the real test so that’s why I thought it would be perfect to have him be the star of the show this time. This is literally the day before he went to the groomer’s, so please don’t think me a bad doggie parent for the messy fur – he decided rushing out the back door and chasing the neighbor’s much-larger-than-him cows was a great idea in terms of trying to give me a heart attack. Nonetheless, I love our little goofball!

Caru Pet Food Big Ben


Caru Pet Food is a wonderful dog food that is reminiscent of homemade stews made right in your own kitchen. In fact, it smelled just like the real, homemade thing. This is because at Caru, they believe that having real meat, poultry, fruits and veggies that’s responsibly sourced is important not just for ourselves, but for our canine companions. They have an excellent pledge on their website that outlines all of this and were actually inspired by their own dog, Karu to team up with an animal Ph.D nutritionist to create Caru! That’s not a misspelling, you can read the whole story here.

As you can probably tell, I was really excited to try out Caru Stews for Ben, because their ideals line up so well with my own. Not only that, but the mere packaging itself exudes quality and that’s something I really look for because, to me, that means a company takes pride in their work and makes me feel more at ease giving it to the furbabies. We were provided a sampling of chicken stew, turkey stew and beef stew, as well as some duck jerky that all four dogs really enjoyed! I’m pretty sure Bus still has a piece buried in the back yard. You know, for hard times when he doesn’t have treats. Which never happens. You never know though, one day in the event the zombie apocalypse happens or Bigfoot aliens take over the world… we might be happy about the amount of food and toys he has stockpiled out there.


Okay, yes, Ben and his picky palate tried out the stews, but since Lil’ Bell is very much a Diva she felt the need to pose for pictures, too.


Because of the nature of samples, after some consideration we decided to have Ben and Bell both share a dinner of the Turkey Stew (pictured below) and then use the remainder as a topper for Ben’s regular dry dog food so we could get a good idea on whether or not he’d enjoy it.

Caru Pet Food


I am happy to report that he loved it! Normally, it’s hard to get Ben to eat the amount of food he really should each day and, considering how active he is, I like to make sure he gets the nutrients he needs. Using Caru Stews as a topper was amazing! He ate not only the small amount of stew I put on top of each feeding, but every bite of the dry.


It makes me so happy to know that these stews are made up of good, wholesome ingredients because knowing what goes into what my furbabies are eating is very important to me as, like every pet parent, I only want the best.
I understand that the price points can scare off some people from Caru, but it’s my honest opinion that you cannot put a price on quality. As someone who regularly cooks homemade dog food for variety in the dogs’ diets I feel like Caru Pet Food is an amazing option for when we’re busy and don’t have the extra time to mix up a batch of homemade for them. It comes easily prepackaged with instructions on how to store after opening and how long it can be stored. I definitely see myself keeping a few boxes on hand for situations like this, and recommend the same for pet parents of picky eaters.

After reading all of this you might be wondering where you can find Caru. The website has a user-friendly way to find stores near you, along with online retailers where Caru Pet Food can be sent right to your door!

Have any questions about Caru I could possibly answer? Feel free to leave them in the comments below. I’d also love to hear any funny stories about your own picky eating, cow chasing, treat burying(or just as silly) pups so feel free to leave them below!

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