Confessions of an Author-Guest Post by Mindy Larson

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I am so excited to welcome Mindy Larson to my blog today. Please feel free to check out her book, This Morning I Woke Up Dead on Amazon, and read on to hear about some of her guilty pleasures! 
Confessions of an Author

My name is Mindy Larson and I have a confession to make… I am an addict. I am addicted to books, coffee, chocolate, spicy foods, shoes, and Pinterest!

What are some your guilty pleasures? Read on and see if yours are anything like mine!

1-I have over a thousand books. Only a few are on my kindle. I love to hold the book. Smell the books pages. Feel the weight in my hands. I love romances. Thrillers. Inspirational type boos. Mysteries. Old books. New books. Some of which I’ve read. Others sit patiently on the shelf, keeping their secrets to themselves, hoping and waiting I’ll choose them next. Some have been waiting days, weeks, months, and a few have even been waiting years! One day, I will read them all. This is a promise. If only I didn’t keep adding to my collection, it wouldn’t be easier said than done!

2-Coffee and I are close. Everyday I start my day with coffee. I love its earthy scent. The rich creamy taste. The warm liquid perks me up, soothes me, and keeps me going! I couldn’t do all the things I do without it. My kids wouldn’t get driven to school, help with their homework, or even dinner made for them. The laundry would pile up, up, up! The floors would be sticky. The dog wouldn’t get fed let alone walked. My blog would get neglected even more so. My next book wouldn’t be on track to be finished up anytime soon. And I probably wouldn’t ever get to the gym. You get the idea, I wouldn’t be the same accomplished woman without it. 

3-There are times when everything is going fine, I’m chilling with my husband on the couch watching King of Queens, and a voice calls to me. ‘You want some chocolate.” At first its a whisper, a mere suggestion. Shifting my weight under me, I ignore the pull. A few moments go by, and a little louder this time, I hear, “You need some chocolate.” Turning around, I see the bag of chocolates sitting on the counter, waving at me. Winking at me. I am weak and I always give in! I can’t seem to go even a single day without it.

4-As much as I love a piece of dark chocolate or two, I love spicy food even more! Indian food. Sushi. Thai. Mexican. And if something isn’t spicy already I remedy that with three or ten dashes of hot sauce or some crushed red pepper flakes. And as a side benefit I hear spicy peppers are a natural fat burner and even increases your metabolism!

5-Pinterest, Pinterest, what did I do in my spare moments without you?? You know how it goes, someone is watching something on TV you don’t particular care for, or your in a LONG line at the store, maybe you’re just waiting in your car for your kids to get out of school.. What to do, what to do?? For me its opening my Pinterest on my phone, and in seconds, I’m visually entertained. Talk about major eye candy! My favorite things to pin are clothes, places to travel, inspiring quotes, and yummy food. Actually, I pin everything! I have boards for everything! All the while I know that most likely I will never make those double fudge peanut butter brownies, buy those floral stiletto heels, or book a trip to Italy. But its ok. I just like to think about them. I like to look at them. I like to pin them. And who know’s, maybe one day, I will make those brownies, buy those heels, and book a trip to Italy!

6-Shoes glorious, shoes! I have hundreds of shoes. Heels. Boots. Running shoes. Ballet flats. And for lack of space, some of my shoes have even spilled into my daughters room. My youngest loves playing in my heels anyhow. She is a shoe addict in training! 

Books, coffee, chocolate, spicy food, Pinterest, and shoes make me happy. Really happy. And if anything makes you happy, it can’t be a bad thing, right?
Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to hear about some of your guilty pleasures! 

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