Daisy and the Pirates by J.T. Allen

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My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars
You can follow Daisy’s adventures in Paris here on her website!
About Daisy and the Pirates:
Daisy Tannenbaum (yes, like the German word for Christmas Tree) hates her name.  There’s no doubt she’ll be quite a feminist someday, and maybe even a genius, but in the meantime she just wants two things: to miss as much school as possible and to bring her divorced parentals back together again.
In a series of stunning coincidences, the Tannenbaum family ends up hijacked by modern-day pirates and marooned on an isolated island, where, according to Daisy, there must be buried treasure.  (Why else get stuck on an island?)  Only Daisy has the skill-set to survive and her undaunted optimism pulls everyone together.  This is not to say Daisy is flawless.  She is mercurial, bratty, picks on her sister, contemplates suicide, and dreams up all kinds of impossible schemes, though she somehow always manages to save the day.  

My Thoughts:
I think I just have to start by saying I think I might just be Daisy’s new number one fan! Going into Daisy and the Pirates I had high hopes just from the review request from J.T., the book’s synopsis drew me in because I was in the mood for a nice adventure and, hello, you read the synopsis up there, right? What could be more adventurous than that?

Daisy and her family are aboard a boat for a short journey when the ship is ambushed by pirates and the crew thrown overboard with one of the two life boats. Then, a freak storm hits causing the ship to start to sink and the pirates to abandon ship in remaining life boat, leaving Daisy, her family, and the grad student helping Daisy’s father out on his archaeological project are stuck with the only light-weight rafts. The story really starts here. I found Daisy to be an extraordinary young girl, she is sharp as a tack and does really well under pressure. She immediately decides to be the one to do the fishing after crafting a spear with her trusty Swiss Army Knife, and I’m thinking everyone on the island is happy that she was an avid reader of National Geographic! 

This book has a style that makes it really enjoyable to read, it’s as if Daisy is either right there in front of you telling you all about her amazing adventure or you are reading directly from the pages of her journal. There is a tad bit of language and some innuendos but I still would recommend this for young teens/tweens with a mature enough mind on up to older teens and adults. It’s rare that  a book can have a main character so young and yet have the ability to span the age groups. I cannot recommend Daisy enough for your next great adventure story! 
*I received this book for review from the author, but this in no way affected my thoughts expressed in this review*

Stay tuned for my interview with Daisy, coming soon! 

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