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Dead Calm, Bone Dry by Eddie Jones is going on tour! Follow along for the next two weeks on Twitter at #DeadCalmBoneDry or here on this post to see all of the exclusive content including excerpts, teasers, giveaways and more. Be sure to look for “treasure map” clues on some of the posts, as they will be used on the big mystery giveaway over on the Electively Paige Facebook page. We all want to make sure we don’t wish our chance to nab the awesome pirate’s treasure, right?

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Just as Ricky is about to be tried for piracy, an ill wind blows a wretched soul into the ship’s brig. A mysterious seaman, William Shakespeare, tells of fleeing the Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship sailed by the dead, demons and worse. Before Ricky can learn more about this outlandish tale, he’s sentenced to hang. As the hangman is about to tighten the noose around Ricky’s neck, the young man bolts from the gallows and dives head-long into the sea.

Now, with the lives of a crew of misfit orphans in peril and the heart of the governor’s daughter on the line, Ricky faces a battle with pirates – both dead and alive – where the destiny of the living and those yet-to-be born hang in the balance.

Will he reach his deceased father before it’s too late? Or will both father and son face eternal damnation due to Ricky’s bitter heart?

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My Thoughts:

Eddie Jones’ masterful storytelling is in full effect in his latest novel: Dead Calm, Bone Dry. Though it’ a sequel, the ship’s log(prologue) puts you right where you need to be and allows you to be thrown straight into the action, and an action-packed novel it is. I don’t not say this lightly when I say that this novel is perfect for teen boys. What boy doesn’t love to read about ghost ships, pirates, and adventure? The dialogue is spot on, and you get so swept up in the story you forget everything around you for a while, yes even me as an adult had this reaction. An excellent tell that could be read individually or together as a family, especially for reluctant readers who don’t often find books to be “fun” as this book is sure to change their minds! Highly recommend – I need to order some paper copies for my cousins!


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