Forced Autonomy by Lila Felix

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                        Release Date: January 3rd 2014

My Rating: 5/5 Stars 

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My Review:
What can I say? This novella was absolutely outstanding–I read it all in a single setting. I’ve heard such wonderfully things about Lila Felix, but this was the first I’d read from her and I was not disappointed one bit. The way the story tells just keeps you turning page after page in a way that had me spellbound.

Petra is a girl living in the eerily near future in which people are forced to have lobotomies done, with a choice few going into hiding to avoid them. Petra was forced into a lobotomy around four years ago, but hers failed allowing her to still have thoughts, feelings, emotions, the whole shebang. Her father(who is mysteriously mentioned throughout), had her act like her procedure had worked. It isn’t until Lawson comes along and takes her to a secret camp on the outside of town that she is allowed to be her true self again.

Oh, Lawson, what to say about Lawson, or Law, as Petra dubs him. He’s been on the run for quite a while, and finds people like Petra to bring them to the safety of the camps, but not allowing himself to be with them for too long because of his past. He feels what seems like an instant connection with Petra that Lila Felix portrays beautifully and realistically.
To be honest, the entirety of the novella is beautiful.The author is, to be honest, freaking amazing! I am so in love with the way she writes the characters and settings, and it is(to me), better than quite a few full-length dystopians I’ve read lately. I cannot wait to read the next installment and I look forward to reading other books by Lila, as well. If you love dystopian, don’t hesitate to read this. Heck, if you love any sort of reading at all, read this! I truly believe, despite the shortness that comes with the novella territory, there is something for everyone within!

*I received this book for review from InkSlinger PR as part of this blog tour, but this in no way affected my review or opinion.*

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