The Holiday Inn® Brand and Roadtrippers Seek America’s Most Epic Road Trip

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How would you like to enter to win a trip to explore America’s most amazing hidden gems and roadside sites and attractions? If you think the obvious answer to that question is a resounding YES then read on for more information on this fun opportunity from The Holiday Inn® Brand and Roadtrippers!

Road Trip

Some of my own favorite memories were of my parents, brother and I loaded up in the car headed to the mountains or the latest Civil War battlefield tour Dad decided would make a perfect field trip for our home school American History lessons, but in all reality I think there might have been a few other reasons my history buff father might have decided we had to go on those trips! Nonetheless, within the confines of that car for hours on end, my brother and I singing along to classic and southern rock at the top of our lungs with a few breaks in between for car games, I can honestly never remember being happier. I have a strong feeling that many of my fellow Americans feel the same way.  A lot has changed over the years since cars first hit the highways, but one thing that hasn’t is the tradition of the great American road trip.

In honor of that tradition, IHG’s Holiday Inn® brand and Roadtrippers, a web and mobile road trip planner, recently announced their search for America’s Most Epic Road Trip.

As part of the America’s Most Epic Road Trip contest, the Holiday Inn brand and Roadtrippers have asked travelers to share their favorite places to visit within the United States – from natural wonders to small-town hidden gems. The teams will take inspiration from user recommendations to create a single, epic road trip and send one winner on the adventure. To enter for a chance to win*, travelers can share guides they create and encourage friends and family to vote. Program prizes include:

  • Grand Prize Winner: Seven free nights at Holiday Inn hotels and $2,000 travel money
  • Five Semi-Finalists: Three free nights at Holiday Inn nights and $500 travel money

Entries will be evaluated based on alignment with the contest theme (quality of locations submitted), thoroughness and thoughtfulness of editorial as well as by the voting community. Voting is open now through Sept. 7, 2016.

Read more and get your votes in here.


Do you have a favorite place or route when road tripping? Let me know all about it in the comments!

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