Interview With Jason Gallaway!

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Hey Jason! Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview, I really loved your book, The Blessed Blade. Before I start in with the questions, would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?
Absolutely! I live in Indiana with my wife and two children. I love watching and playing football. I like Mt. Dew Voltage; the Indianapolis Colts; and Macaroni and cheese. I love sports, movies (except horror; sorry its just too absurd), and music (except country; sorry its just too sappy). My fav T.V. shows are Supernatural, Orphan Black, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory  and The Following. I also love watching documentaries on The History Channel, much to my wife’s chagrin.

1.) So Jason, can you tell us a little bit about your book? What is something you feel is unique that might make readers want to snatch it up?
The term I like to use is “Faith-based / Action-oriented”. I try to weave a good story with as many fist-clenching moments as possible, while passing along the gospel in a way that doesn’t feel abrasive, cause lets be honest, nobody likes to be force-fed anything. I believe a good book should be one that you get so into reading it and you’re so pumped that before you know it, it’s 3 a.m. and you have to force yourself to put it down to get some sleep.

2.) I love your use of faith in The Blessed Blade, can you tell us about the impact your faith has on your writing? 
My Faith has the same impact on my writing as it does in my everyday life – it keeps me in check. In life, it keeps me from overreacting harshly or judging prematurely. In my writing it helps me “tone down” some scenes or sequences that might be too harsh for the average reader. I tell myself, “Would a person of Faith be upset at reading this?” and I use it as a measure to curtail myself from being too violent or graphic in my writing. . . mostly anyway.

3.) How do you schedule your writing time, is it more go with the flow, or do you have a set schedule you adhere to?
 Definitely go with the flow. Since I am a self-publishing author, I can afford the luxury of taking my time. I consider my family my first priority, and even though I love to write, my wife and kids come first.

4.) I’d love to hear more about what’s in store for us next. What plans do you have for the follow-up book?
 I am currently writing the next installment in the Wielders Saga. The book is called The Demon’s Dagger, and I expect it will be just as exhilarating as The Blessed Blade was. I also have the “sequence of events” planned out for book 3, but its still a work in progress. I also have plans for a graphic novel, I think there would be a good market for it as there are literally ZERO faith based graphic novels out there.

5.) Back to writing, have you always wanted to write a book, or is it something that surprised even you?
 I had no idea this would ever have happened. Up until my sophomore year in high school I HATED to read. It was simply that I couldn’t find anything I liked to read you know? I hadn’t yet read that one novel that sparked my imagination and lit a fire under me. Once I did open up though, I read everything I could find and knew that someday I would want to pen my own novel. Writing is an absolutely grueling process, but like everything else that you have to work hard for, when its done there is an amazing sense of accomplishment.

6.) I always like to throw some fun questions into the mix, so I have to ask, what is the best movie you’ve seen in the past year?
 I love, love, love movies! I can say though that I have been disappointed lately, because a lot of movies appear to be good and then really suck an egg. My son is a comic book superhero junkie and so I’ve pretty much seen every one of those to come out recently, but I really enjoyed The Lego Movie. I am also excited about the prospect of more Star Wars films, but I’ll wait and see if Abrams dorks up the Star Wars universe the way he shredded the Star Trek one. (clears throat, steps off soapbox).

7.) What about music, what songs do you listen to(if any) while writing? 
When writing, music plays a very important role for me, like a soundtrack does for a movie. When I’m writing action scenes, I listen to bands like Disciple, Demon Hunter, Thousand Foot Krutch, Kutless and Decyfer Down. When I am writing more personal or dramatic scenes, I listen to Switchfoot, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp and artists like that. I am also a really big fan of Dubstep, even though most people I know don’t really like it.

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