Looking For La La by Ellie Campbell

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I received the following book from The Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Looking For La La by Ellie CampbellLooking for La La by Ellie Campbell
Published by Indie/Self Published on March 15th 2013
Genres: Chick Lit, Contemporary
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
Source: The Author
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Bored stay at home mother, Cathy, finds her predictable routine upturned as she investigates a lipstick-covered love postcard sent to husband, Declan. Who is this mysterious La La? Could Declan really be having an affair? And - wait - is Cathy actually being stalked?

With all her friends hiding secrets, a sexy admirer igniting long-forgotten sparks, and the stress of organizing the school's Save The Toilets dance, soon it's not only Cathy's marriage that's in jeopardy. Add in the scheming antics of Declan's new assistant and a possible murderer on the scene and the stage is set for a dangerous showdown and some very unsettling, even deadly, revelations.

Not a sound is heard as it lands silently on the mat. No drums rolls, crashing thunder, shafts of light. The walls don’t start crumbling, the ground doesn’t vibrate with terrifying tremors and a yawning fissure fails to zigzag across the kitchen floor and separate my husband from his breakfast marmalade.

In short, I’ve no clue as to the impact it’ll have on our lives. Mayhem. Marital breakdown. Murder. It should at least have been written in blood or come in the beak of a dark-winged raven. 
It is a postcard. “Love from London” blazoned above a giant pair of pouting lips kissing a cherry-red heart.
At first sight it appears to be one of those “Please Come to Our Rave” flyers which get thrust through my door periodically. Now the chances of me, a world-weary, put-upon mother-of-two, going to a rave are slim to none, but heck it’s nice to be invited. 
I turn it over.
Dearest, sweetest Declan – it begins. My eyes widen as I take in the blue spidery handwriting and race to the signature. ‘Love from La La.’
A tiny blip courses through me as I beetle down the hall attempting to identify the exact emotion I’m feeling.
It’s – I recognise it now – excitement. A blip of excitement forcing its merry way around my clogged up veins.
‘Postcard for you,’ I say nonchalantly, opening the door and stepping back into the kitchen, ‘from La La.’
Sometimes, you just need to read a really good chick lit book. Well, at least I do. One like this book, that it doesn’t really matter that you’re not the exact target age group because it’s just that good–they don’t come along too often. I absolutely loved this book!
Now, I’m going to be perfectly honest. The reason I decided to read this book was the cover. That’s unusual for me, to decide I’m going to read a book before even reading the synopsis. Something about it just jumped out at me, though. So glad it did!

Cathy’s a homemaker in her 30’s, going about her life. Then, her husband receives a love letter signed, mysteriously, with the name La La.  That puts a start to an adventure that can only be describes as zany, with lots of funny little lines and mentions of certain children’s show characters along the way. It’s a can’t-put-down type of book, but I feel I must warn you: Don’t be drinking anything while reading, unless you want to snort it out your nose. Don’t ask why I know this. Just don’t.I loved the way each page brought about a new layer of Cathy, and you learn so much about her. It’s actually kind of an emotional journey in that way. She’s truly a free spirit, and maybe just a little bit kooky. All I can say is, if you love a good chick-lit, you’ll love Looking For La La.

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