Murdered by James Schannep

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 My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
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About the Book: 
3 Unique Storylines. 
Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question… 
Could YOU Solve a Murder?

MURDERED is a mystery novel unlike any other — YOU are the main character. Follow clues, interrogate suspects, and piece together the puzzle before the killer gets away! It’s up to you to solve the case in this action-packed, dark and humorous thriller. Each link represents a choice, and the story evolves based on your decisions.

You’re in a dark alley, a lost tourist in Brazil, when you stumble across a woman’s body and a revolver atop a grisly note which reads, “PICK ME UP.” That’s when you realize you’re not alone….

What starts as an exotic vacation ends up as the opportunity of a lifetime when you inadvertently witness a man fleeing the scene of a murder. Work side-by-side with US Diplomatic Security agents (DSS) and Brazilian Police Officers inside the lawless slums of Rio de Janeiro — but choose wisely, no one is who they truly seem to be.

My Thoughts: 
I’ve always love those choose-your-own adventure type games, so I was so excited when I learned about a book themed around it. I loved the mystery aspect and the fact that you got to make the choices as you worked towards finding out what’s going on. I love books like these because even the most reluctant reader I feel would find it enjoyable, it’s sort of like a game in that way. You really have to kind of have a strategy and know what you’re doing. There are little twists throughout and it makes that much more interesting. It says that there are 3 story lines and 50 possible endings. Now, I haven’t played 50 times, but I’ve read through several and it has yet to get boring to me. I try to always go a different route and it makes for really fun few minutes here or there. I would highly recommend this 2nd book in the Click Your Poison series to anyone who really enjoys a good book, but also a fun game. I’d almost see this as being a fun thing to do as a group: go around a circle and each person take a turn making a choice, it’d be really interesting to see how that read-through would turn out! 

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2 Responses to “Murdered by James Schannep”

  1. I remember a series a books like that from when I was a kid. I think it was something like ‘Time Machine’ series and you could choose various paths for your reading. This one sounds like a more adult version of them – there’s a murder and it’s up to you if it gets solved. I totally love the idea! Adding it to my TBR pile.

    • Oh yes, I highly recommend it! It was so fun. I read a similar series when I was a little kid, too. I also have a few apps on my phone that are choose-your-own adventure type games. Really gives a fun twist to a book! 🙂

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