Orion Poe and the Lost Explorer by Will Summerhouse

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Orion Poe and the Lost Explorer
Eleven-year-old Orion lives with his stodgy grandfather in eastern Maine, where nothing exciting ever happens. But then a series of strange events draws him into the mystery of a lost explorer, and Orion is swept up in a whirlwind of adventure that takes him to the top of the world. To survive he must outwit a scheming treasure hunter, team up with a gang of flimps, and take on a tyrant with an anger management problem. Can Orion solve the mystery and get back home alive? And just what are flimps, anyway?Orion Poe is about to find out. Join him as he laughs, cries, bluffs, and shoots his way to the heart of one of the greatest mysteries in the history of exploration. Along the way he discovers that the world is far bigger—and stranger—than he ever imagined.

My Thoughts:

*I received this book for review from the author. This in no way affects my thoughts expressed below*This book is such a fun and entertaining read, and one I think people of all ages will enjoy. I love the idea of an eleven year old boy going on a big ol’ adventure, and I feel like this book will definitely draw in reluctant readers, especially young boys. Nothing exciting ever happens in Maine, at least Orion thought. Well, I guess he’s not thinking that any more! I like the fact that there is a little historical basis to the book, just enough that I think it might have kids asking questions, which is awesome. A fun read and a learning experience all wrapped up into one whirlwind of an adventure, package. This book reminding me of all the classic adventure stories I loved as a child, with it’s own unique twist. I highly recommend!

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