Review Policy

Looking for my Book Specific Review Policy? You can see that here!

Electively Paige is a lifestyle blog that has a specific focus on the following sub-niches in terms of features and reviews from the viewpoint of a millennial woman and her family.

Entertainment – Books, Movies, Television and “Geek” Culture.

Travel/Outdoor – Locations, Things to do in specific areas, hiking, accommodations and gear features and reivews.

Pets – Pet Item Reviews, food recommendations, and homemade dog treats

Tech – E-Readers, Tablets, Laptops, and other Innovative New Products

Household and Kitchen Products – Cookware, Furniture, Decor

Green Living – I do all I can to reduce my carbon footprint, so anything that makes it easier to do so I’d love to share with my audience.

Handmade Items or Items Produced In the USA – I love sharing with my readers about small businesses that they might be interested in supporting.


Below I have outlined my review and sponsored content guidelines. If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to email me at or – I look forward to working with you!


Product Reviews

Electively Paige requires unopened, unused full-size products of $25 or more value to keep for product reviews. Some exceptions(such as books) can be made to this pricing requirement, so feel free to reach out if you feel the product you’d like featured would be a good fit for my audience. The item(s) will not be returned. If you’d like your product returned after the review, there will be a fee as compensation for my services.  This must be discussed in advance of services.

Product reviews will be full-page reviews, contain photos, and include standard social media promotion. This promotion includes initial mentions on the day the post goes live, and periodic promotion afterwards. Products sent together from the same company/brand, will be featured together in the same post, unless otherwise requested or stated.  All specific requests must be discussed beforehand. Additional social media coverage or multiple posts can be made available on request.

Product reviews will take up to one month to complete. It rarely takes this long, but it often depends on our current schedule as well as the fact that some items/services require further testing prior to review than others. If you need reviews on or by a specific date, please mention this in your request, more often than not I’ll be able to work with your time frame. All reviews are posted on and shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and in our weekly newsletter.

I accept full size products only. Sample sizes will not be accepted under any circumstances.

If I receive a faulty or damaged product, I will let you know prior to reviewing the product to give you the opportunity to fix it. I will not review damaged, faulty, or used products favorably. If communication goes unanswered, I will, regrettably, have to proceed with a negative review, just as if I were a regular consumer who’d received a faulty item.

That being said – negative reviews for other reasons do happen. My reviews are 100% honest and I will never compromise my integrity by not posting a review simply because I found the item wasn’t for me. However, I always make it clear that what doesn’t work for me might work perfectly for someone else. When I do have to review negatively, I feel I do so in a tasteful way. You will be informed prior to the post appearing on Electively Paige.

I am very passionate about sharing my opinion with my readers to assist them in making informed decisions on their purchases, and I truly enjoy helping businesses, be they small or large, succeed in getting their products and services out their to consumers.

Sponsored Posts and Content:

Sometimes a product or service requires additional coverage beyond a product review, so I have recently made available the option to have a sponsored post on Electively Paige. The requirements for a sponsored post are the same as outlined above, the only difference being that a review is optional depending on the company’s needs at the time. I accept sponsored content in the form of either prewritten content or information provided to me from which I write my own post. In both cases, the posts will be marked as sponsored for legal reasons and will be given extensive social media promotion both on the day of the post and afterwards. For pricing details please email or

Some Electively Paige Stats:

We use Google Analytics to determine pageviews and unique visitors. Electively Paige receives an average of 22,000 visitors monthly and has a combined social reach of 18k including newsletter subscribers, with standard posts reaching around 200k on social channels. Our readers are an almost even split of 52% women and 48% men, with the average age being between 18 and 36.