2020 Social Media Content Calendar for Authors


You will receive an ebook that explains how the calendar works, how to schedule on each social media site, posting tips, where to find your optimum hashtags, when is the best time to post, and recommended image sizes and content types for each social media channel(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are mainly the focus of the guide)
The content calendar itself is created in AirTable, a free spreadsheet platform. The ebook will cover how to use this, copy it into your own AirTable base, and other things of that nature. I chose this platform because it’s readily available, for free, to everyone, has apps for most all devices so you can access your calendar pretty much anywhere, and it’s super easy for you to move posts around and edit to fit you.

Please note, that this content calendar is set up to note American holidays, such as Thanksgiving, but if you happen to be in a country outside of the US there is a section in the ebook that has extra post recommendations for days that perhaps don’t fit you/your platform.