Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R. Paulson

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My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars
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About the Book:
I killed my first victim at thirteen years old – my age, not his. He was going to rape me, him and a couple of his friends. And so, I killed him. And then… I killed again. And again.
At seventeen, I’m killing four to six times a year – maybe more. Don’t stress out. I only go after the pedophiles and rapists. There are more out there than I could cover in a lifetime.
Saying I did this on my own would be selfish. Enforcing justice holds a glory all its own. But now, my lifelong friend and backup, Deegan, has been arrested. I have to decide if I want to give myself up and take his place or leave him with all the damning evidence. I don’t want to stop killing. But if I let him take the fall, I can’t kill anymore. And I need to keep doing that.
But the worst part of it all? I love him.
My Thoughts:
*I received this book for review from the author, but this in no way affects my thoughts expressed below*
When starting this book, I thought it sounded amazing. I was a little nervous though, I’d never read anything like it so I was worried about whether or not I would enjoy it. 
From the first few pages, I was immediately hooked. I listened almost constantly(I read the audiobook version) and let me tell you this is not a book I recommend for a bedtime story if you’re not like me and are easily frightened(and I mean that in a good way)! 
 I loved Cassie’s character. Even though I really cannot relate to her as far as experiences, I found myself somehow doing just that. With every kill, every scene really, I was constantly on edge. Scared for her more-so than for her victims. It’s almost scary, actually, how much the fact that she was killing people didn’t really bother me. She was taking out scum, and yes it’s wrong to kill period, but I had a hard time faulting her. 
 Deegan I also liked. He is always there for Cassie whenever she needs him, from that first kill on. At the same time, though, to keep them both safe outside of killing he keeps his distance. Like Cassie, this character is perfectly crafted by the author and I just couldn’t get enough of both of them in this book!
Seeing as I read(well, listened to) the audiobook version of this book, I have to say the narrator did an outstanding job! She really sold the story for me, too. Her voice was the perfect one to represent Cassie and I feel like she just really knew what she was doing. The book itself was already an amazing yet chilling read, but the narrator really magnified it. 
So, overall, I have to say I highly recommend this book. Whether you read the book or listen to the audiobook Psycho Inside Me is a wonderful story. Just remember what I said, and maybe try not to read it right before you go to sleep!  

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