Remember the Stars by Marisa Oldham and Carraine Oldham

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Thank you for stopping by to help me celebrate the launch of Remember the Stars, by my review you can guess just how in love I am with this book!

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In 1941, Estherly Krauss, a seventeen-year-old Jewish girl, documents her struggles during the Holocaust. With Hitler’s reign coming down on Estherly and her family, her days of being a typical teen are over. While fighting for a forbidden love, the atrocities and horrors Estherly endures force her to grow up in an uncertain and dangerous time.
Estherly’s voice echoes through time when Ferrin Frazier discovers her diaries. Without realizing the effect these small books will have, a door opens for Ferrin to explore her own life and love. Consumed by Estherly’s story of survival, the secrets she kept, and the desire to know what became of her, Ferrin embarks on an adventure of discovery. Will she find the answers she’s looking for? Or will it end up leading her down a path she never predicted?

My Thoughts:

Though I received an advanced copy of this book for review, that in no way affects my thoughts displayed below.

Where do I even begin with Remember the Stars? With a book that truly makes your heart ache in a thousand different ways, but brings you to the other side with a deeper love and understanding for people in general, well, how can you even put a star rating on that? Stars, for this book, have a bit of a different meaning, too.

From the very beginning, I was swept up, just as our modern day protagonists were, in Estherly’s story. In her struggle. Her strength, it gave me strength during our own uncertain times. I’m not downplaying anyone’s personal battles and I’m never one to tell people they shouldn’t complain just because others have it worse, but in seeing the world through the eyes of this remarkable young Jewish girl it made my own problems seem so small. I’ve always both loved and hated reading about this time in history. Loved because I’m of the belief that if we don’t embrace and study history, we’re doomed to repeat it. Hate because it completely tears me up inside. The fact that we as a people allowed, and to many extents still allow, this type of treatment is horrific. Marisa Oldham and Carraine Oldham were able to display those atrocious themes while still, above all else, breathing hope and love and courage into every single page. I could not stop reading. This book will take you to the very edges of despair, your very soul will shake, but it’s a journey that is beyond worth it. One of the most beautiful stories I’ve read in a long time, and in a time where it’s feeling painfully relevant again, one I feel that everyone should read. Do yourself a favor and grab your copy today.


About the Authors:

Marisa Oldham is an Amazon bestselling author of the popular The Falling Series – The Falling of Love, The Falling of Grace, and The Falling of Hope. A passionate writer with immense depth, Marisa published a highly emotional spinoff of the series, Learning to Breathe, that connected her readers with her by sharing her personal experiences in a fictional manner. In a short story collection, After We Fell, that follows Learning to Breathe, Marisa continued to dive into the trials and tribulations of her characters’ lives with Falling in Paris, Falling Apart, and Falling Forever. Marisa has also contributed to anthologies and has many works in progress.

Marisa lives in a small town in Tennessee with her sister Carraine and her adorable Yorkshire Terrier mix, Winnie. Outside of writing, Marisa enjoys photography, travel, reality TV, horror movies, and crafting. One of Marisa’s favorite aspects of being a writer is connecting with her
readers. You may reach Marisa via social media or email.

Carraine Oldham is a first-time author who discovered her talent and joy for writing as a teenager. While she kept her writing to herself, over the years she penned short stories in a journal that she only shared with Marisa. Carraine embarked on writing her first novel after pitching the idea for Remember the Stars to her sister and published author, Marisa Oldham. After thirteen-years of research, life-altering changes, and surviving tragedy, Carraine’s poetic writing has captured the hearts of her readers.
Carraine lives in a small Tennessee town with her sister Marisa and the love of her life, a six-pound Yorkshire Terrier mix, Winnie. When she’s not writing, Carraine enjoys travel, singing, crafting, and relaxing on the couch with Winnie and her favorite TV shows.

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