Revelations by Leia Kiuski

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My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
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About Revelations:
Elizabeth Monterey, or Beth, was known inside the archery world as the youngest athlete to win the National Championship in all categories at the age of fifteen and then, repeating the feat the next year. Before completing seventeen, she was the gold hope for the World Championship.
But fate intervened and her life was thrown upside down when a plane crashed, killing her parents and putting her twin brother in a coma.
The book begins with her struggle to maintain her brother in the hospital, where he can receive the best treatments, while trying to solve some other problems.
Not only is her family’s fortune gone, replaced by a debt she had no idea how to pay, but also she was dealing with night terrors and the weird after effects of those, which included uncontrollable anger and blowing lamps. To make things worse, Edgar Sanders, her legal guardian and lawyer, rented the guesthouse of the Monterey’s mansion to an annoying guy, called Leon Greese.
When Leon arrives, Elizabeth had already decided that she didn’t like him. But then her life is blown apart again. After almost dying, a tattoo appears in her wrist and she discovers that she was being poisoned by a creature from another dimension, which was also keeping her brother’s soul as a hostage in order to torture her. She learns that she is a Warrior, awakened by Thera, their Goddess, destined to protect their world from the invasion of strange beings.
Leon and her brother, Jake, are also Warriors, and like Elizabeth, they have a tattoo on their wrists too, but while Beth’s and Jake’s are identical, Leon’s is different and he can manipulate fire, thing the twins can’t do.
Together, they have to find out what means to be a Warrior, which abilities they possess and how to control them. There is no one to help them and the only clue they have is what Leon remembers from an old journal that was destroyed when he was a little kid.
There are three other Warriors to be found, an unknown enemy that is manipulating them all, a portal to another dimension that has to be closed and a lot of weird creatures (they called them demons, for lack of a better word).
The story also talks about the value of friendship, the strong connection between the twins and the discovery of true love.

My Review:

Beth is going through a pretty rough patch right now. Her parents were killed in a plane crash that put her twin brother in a coma, and that’s just the start of the problems she’s facing. So, she thinks it’s pretty likely that the crash and what it caused are what’s causing the extreme nightmares she’s been having, ones where she wakes up screaming but can’t remember a single second of them. So, yes, a pretty rough patch indeed and like I said, nightmares will seem like a walk in the park compared to what’s coming…

I really liked this book, which I’m sure some may be confused by considering the 3.5 star rating(still a good rating, I might add!). Here’s my thing, there were a few grammatical errors throughout the book, along with incorrect use of words that caused some light confusion occasionally. To be completely honest, this book would have been a 4 or even 4.5 star book for me if not for those. Nonetheless I still really liked the book. The characters, especial Beth, Jake, and Leon, were all well written, and there are some really sweet moments and some really intense ones. I see this book and this series really going places, especially if this first one goes through a nice editing process.

Beth seems to be pretty tough, and I feel like she was a pretty strong female character all around, which is often what I look for as I’m tired of women being portrayed as constant damsels in distress. I would certainly recommend this book, as long as you’re able to overlook those minor errors. I am anxiously awaiting the release of book two, I just have to know what happens next!

*I received this book for review from the author. However, this in no way affected my review or opinion*

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