Screen Time: Everything Parents Need to Know

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Thanks so much to OurPact for providing the following post for me to share with all of you!

The messages we receive about screen time and its impact on children are mixed.

It seems every day, a new research article comes out that promotes the dangers of screen time, and the risks that devices pose to our children. But at the same time, schools are implementing 1:1 tablet programs, children are being encouraged to code, and educational apps are commonly used to help young children grasp new concepts, and older students learn concepts they usually struggle with in engaging, interactive ways.

As a parent, it’s hard not to get confused.

Are screens our enemy, or our best friend? How much it too much, and how much is not enough? What impact do they really have on our kids? And most importantly – what can we do about it?

Here are some tidbits every parent should know about screen time, along with a short infographic from OurPact summing up screen time – how to know if your child might be addicted, the risks, and how to help your child unplug.



A great tool parents can use to keep screen time in check is OurPact (the creators of these great infographics!).

OurPact is an essential parental control app to help parents stay in control of screen time, and keep device use in balance. Through at-a-touch blocking or automated schedules, internet and apps can be temporarily removed from children’s devices at any time, and from anywhere.

This means less risk, more reward, and time for the things that matter most.

You can get started today – for FREE – by signing up for an account at, or downloading OurPact from the iOS store (on your parent device!).


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