All Electively Paige services must be paid for at the time of booking to secure your slot, as they do have limited availability. No refunds or returns are offered. I cannot guarantee set results from each service I offer. As I’m sure you know, success is a marathon and not a sprint – overnight success is not likely. However, if you’re looking for someone to partner with that will keep you and your book’s best interests at heart then know that that person is me. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients succeed and I want that for you. I’ve outlined for you some of the services I offer. I don’t believe in one size fits all methods so all of my packages and offerings are customizable to fit your needs, budget, and books. I look forward to working with you. Contact to book. PLEASE NOTE: some services experienced a cost increase in January 2021. All current clients are currently locked into their rates

Marketing makes my eyes roll back in my head. I’m so happy to have found Paige Boggs. She has so many ideas, connections, and information that I could have never figured out on my own. She has specific tools but also customizes marketing strategies to meet individual needs. That has really made a difference for me. I don’t know what I’d do without Paige’s help.Cindy Ervin Huff, award-winning author, blogger, speaker


Blog Tours

Full details on each tour option can be found here.

Cover Reveal – $50

One Day Book Blitz – $80

Release Day Launch – $80

One Week Blog Tour – $115

Two Week Blog Tour$180



Release Day Online Launch Party – $50

My contacts will be invited, however you’ll need to invite your own as well – a good way to remind friends, family and other acquaintances that your book is coming out soon! We will have a two hour event on Facebook that includes sharing information about the book, book teasers, excerpts, sharing of book trailer(if applicable) and a Q&A portion at the end. The Q&A can either be done via a Q&A image being posted and readers asking questions in the comments with you replying to the comments with your responses or via Facebook Live where attendees can ask their questions in the comments and you can answer live on video.

Multi-Author Facebook Events

From time to time I will have events that are for multiple authors. Everyone invites their reader friends, promotes it in their newsletters and helps spread the word – myself included. This is a wonderful, cross promotional opportunity that creates a personal feel for readers as they get to ask you questions and learn more about the book from the author themselves during your half hour – one hour takeover(time frame depending on event and preference). I have both free events and paid events. Details for all of these events will be provided in depth on the signup form and will vary depending on the type of event. Generally, you can expect new, targeted social media followers who have expressed interest in your work. 


Social Media/ Website Management

Are you looking for someone to give you a hand with the day to day beat so that you can get more time back in your schedule? I’m happy to assist with any of the following options. Remember, get in touch if you would like a combination of my services as I am happy to provide a quote.

Single Social Media Channel Management$75

Two-Three Channel Management – $150

Each additional channel after Three – $55

Not loving the fact that you’re constantly needing to schedule it all yourself and keep up with a posting schedule to stay relevant in the ever changing world of social media? I will partner with you to create a content calendar and manage posting it for you each week. I do ask that you initially provide some direction on what content you want for your social media, but I’m happy to find this content myself, follow a schedule you lay out, or a mix of the three. This package, on average, includes about 5-7 posts a week on the channel of your choosing, as well as stories on the channels that call for them when relevant. You will receive occasional surveys  to assist me in keeping your social media channels in your voice. I will work to find the optimal posting times for you on each network you are on, and discuss strategies with you on how we can grow your following. Channels include Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram account, Twitter account, and possibly others.


Newsletter Management – $50/month

This includes set up, creation, and maintenance of your e-newsletter each month. I will need to be informed in advance of any book sales and/or blog features so that I can be sure to link up to them in the newsletter. We will decide on a day each month for your newsletter and you will receive a preview before it goes out. I will ask for a personal note from you for your subscribers each month, but otherwise I will completely handle the set up. This includes 1-2 newsletters each month, as well as setting up “newsletter swaps” with other authors if you’d like to do so to grow your subscriber base.  Please note, this does not include any monthly fees the newsletter management service you select might charge once you’ve reached their minimum subscriber threshold for the free tier. I recommend MailerLite as they are extremely affordable and have incredibly robust features.

WordPress Website Maintenance – $100/month

I will keep your website up to date as far as updating themes, plugins, WordPress, filtering spam comments, helping to optimize your pages for SEO, and executing any changes you’d like made to pages on your site(i.e. updating a book page, adding a new author photo to your bio page, etc). This will also include support chats with your web host on your behalf during the occasional off chance there is a more in depth problem that occurs. This works as a retainer for 5 hours of my time at a discounted rate(my normal rate is $25/hour). These hours do not roll over each month and serve as a baseline to give you peace of mind. 

Blogging – $100/month / varies

This example pricing covers one post each week, for more or less monthly posts please feel free to email. You provide the basic content for the post, I do the rest. I’ll craft the post in your WordPress dashboard, create a basic graphic to go alongside it if you don’t already have one(and provide you with matching ones optimized for your social media sites), optimize the post you provide for good SEO rankings, and publish it on the date and time you need it published. I can even set it up to automatically share on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Other Services:

Blogger and Reviewer Outreach – $50/month

It’s important to constantly keep your book in front of as many eyes as possible, but reaching out to all those bloggers and influencers constantly can really put you in a time crunch. That’s where I come in. I will reach out to bloggers and reviewers to keep a constant, steady stream of reviews and features coming in. You are not likely to see any come to fruition in the very first month, as blogs tend to take at least a month-6 weeks from receiving the book before they post about it. I can provide you with a spreadsheet that will track who has been contacted, whether or not they respond, and estimated review/feature dates. 

Working with Paige at Electively Paige has been a huge blessing as I launch my debut novel. She has walked me through each step of promoting my book. She started working on my promotions as soon as I contacted her and is super quick to respond to my emails. The graphics she’s made for my launch are stunning. Investing in Paige is investing in a successful book launch! Megan Kinney

Little Bit of Everything (pricing varies)

I am happy to create and execute a plan that fits the unique needs of you and your books, focusing on the assistance you most need. Please feel free to email me to discuss these options. Contact with any questions or to book