Sink or Swim by Jimmy Anderson

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Sink or Swim by Jimmy AndersonSink or Swim Published by Indie/Self Published Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
Pages: 216
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon
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She saved him, now Kendra guides young Vince towards a life of piracy. He's more than willing to obey as the hope of repaying the woman responsible for his life, and the prospect of revenge, linger just out of reach. Headstrong, Vince is determined to push forward and succeed. Follow along while grows, learns, and gathers his crew to take on the World Council. The first in the series.

I picked up a copy of this book on a whim because of my love of supporting new-to-the-game authors. My boyfriend stumbled across it and showed it to me as it was written by someone he went to high school with. That alone prompted me to want to at least check it out and when I read the blurb it held just enough of a hint of adventure that I was further intrigued and immediately bought a copy. I’m so glad I did.

Though there was an occasional misplaced word or grammar error, the editing was fairly good for a debut title and it was nothing that pulled me out of the story. With that, I was truly entranced. It operates somehow as both a slow burn tale while still remaining action-packed throughout it. I believe the words I used when giving Zach my usual play-by-play(poor guy), at three in the morning no less, were truly masterful storytelling. You loved the characters you got to know, even those you only met for a short time. You really ached for the losses and you somehow found yourself rooting for our little underdog Vince as he grows up. I loved watching him learn to read and grow as a person and develop his own sense of right and wrong.

The only thing I’m not a fan of was the cliffhanger of an ending. I mean this, obviously, in a good way – the book truly had me wanting more. I need to see what pirate-filled adventures are in store for us next and I cannot wait to see where book two in the Rose Chronicles leads us. If you’re looking for something a little different then give Sink or Swim a shot. It’s not super long, and I think it’s appropriate for middle grade readers on up. As an adult I adored it.

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