Spotlight, Review and Giveaway: Swimming Through Clouds by Rajdeep Paulus

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Happy to be Spotlighting Swimming Through Clouds today, as you can tell from my review below it’s a book I definitely admire and I recommend you check it out!
About the Book:
“I live in the in between. Between what if and what is. It’s how I manage. It’s the only way I know. Everyone has their way. This is mine.” 
When high school cell phone disruption forces a classroom ban, the words on a Post-it note spark a sticky romance between two unlikely friends. Transfer student Talia Vanderbilt has one goal at her new school: to blend in with the walls. Lagan Desai, basketball captain and mathlete, would do just about anything to befriend the new girl. One Post-it note at a time, Lagan persuades Talia to peel back her heart, slowly revealing her treasure chest of pain. In a world where hurt is inevitable, the two teens search for a safe place to weather the storms of life. Together.
My Thoughts:
5/5 Stars
I almost can’t write this, to be honest. This book just struck so many cords within me that it makes it difficult to explain how much I loved it. This was a debut, but from reading it I can definitely say that y’all should get familiar with the name Rajdeep Paulus because this book is definitely one I recommend you read!
Before I get into the deep stuff, can i just say how much I love the names? Of course, they could be named John and Jane and I’d still love Talia and Lagan. They were just… ahhh so many words to choose from so I’ll just say amazing!
Talia: Talia. Talia. Talia… There are just so many books out there that talk about abuse. Very few though, paint the portrait so heartbreakingly(is heartbreakingly a word–don’t judge me if it’s not), so heartbreakingly real. Her father just absolutely sickened me. This book literally had me in an emotional tailspin because I loved most all the characters, but very few times in my(I’ll admit short) life have I ever felt such intense hatred towards a character as I did towards that man. But, I was talking about Talia, so let’s get back to that. I’ve lived a life nothing like Talia. My parents are together, are supportive of me, and have never lifted a hand physically or mentally to hurt me. Yet, Rajdeep Paulus’s writing is just so… so outstanding that few characters have I related to on such a level. Yes, I know I talk often about books giving me the ability to relate to the character, but Swimming Through Clouds took that to a whole other level. I just couldn’t get enough!
Then there is, of course, Lagan. What can I say about him? The post-its he continually sends to Talia are just so wonderful, and will forever have me wishing for my own Lagan when I am feeling down. He just kind of worms his way into your heart so quickly you don’t even know that he’s there until it’s too late but to love him, such a wonderful character!
Like I mentioned before, this book is a whirlwind of emotions but it is so worth it. The story is amazing and I honestly cannot wait to read another book by Rajdeep Paulus. This one is going into the favorites category, and I forever see it staying there. Both poetic and powerful, Swimming Through Clouds will keep you thinking long after the last page, and ready to open it right up and read it over and over again.
*I received this book for review from the author, but this in no way affected my review or opinion.* 
About Seeing Through Stones:
(sequel to Swimming Through Clouds)
“I live in the in between. Between yesterday and forever. The way forward haunts me. The gap I must cover daunts me. And hope beckons, ‘Run to me,’ but I just learned to walk.” 

After a lifetime of abuse, the Vanderbilt siblings flee their home, finally free to pursue new dreams while running from yesterday’s nightmares. 

Once bed-ridden Jesse navigates the Chicago streets, concealing his identity and planning revenge. A chance encounter in the rain 
introduces a girl who offers Jesse a glimpse of a sunnier future, but how will he weather the growing storm inside himself? 

Separated from her Post-it note prince, Talia hides at a safe house for survivors of domestic violence while her father turns the city upside-down to find her. Surrounded by women fighting their own demons, Talia faces her past at every turn. 
About Rajdeep Paulus:
Rajdeep Paulus studied English Literature at Northwestern University and writes Masala-marinated, Young Adult Fiction. Paulus lives in New York with her Sunshine and four princesses, blogging weekly at
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