The Blessed Blade by Jason Gallaway

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I’m just going to preface this by saying that I didn’t know what to expect of this book. I rarely do, but in this case I was really hoping for a wonderfully written book. I love Christian Fiction, but lately I just hadn’t been able to find a good one, except for contemporary romance. So, to say I was excited when I heard about this book is an understatement. Still yet, when you take on a new book by a newly published author, one where you will be the first person to leave a review, to let your thoughts about this book be heard to anyone who reads this blog or the thousands, maybe millions, of people who visit Amazon or Goodreads is a lot of pressure. I, of course, wanted to like it, but I was afraid I would not. I am so happy to say I fell in love with this novel from the beginning!
Jason Gallaway is what I like to call a story-teller. He beautifully crafted the words in this book as he carefully wove throughout messages of faith in such a lovely and non-pushy way. Throughout this book I was just absolutely enamored by the words on the pages. In fact, I can’t even call this one a page-turner, because I honestly was so engrossed I don’t even remember turning them. One minute I was on page five and it seemed like the next I was closing the book with a huge smile on my face. This is one of my absolute favorite parts about being a book blogger, a discovery such as this one. When I received this review request I’ll admit that as amazing as this book sounded I was wary, but Mr. Gallaway asked me for :”

TRUTH; unabashed, unrelenting truth,” and I felt it was only fair to give it to him. The truth is, I love this book. All who read my blog know by now that I don’t give that little 5 star rating to every book I like. It has to have something, some quality, that makes it stand out to me. You know, that has me thinking about it after I put it down, a book that you just know you will reread over and over. To me, The Blessed Blade is one of those books. I highly recommend.

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