The Plague by David Kraine

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My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
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About the Book:
The Admiral of the Democratic Assembly.
His right-hand man on a search for redemption.
The lone survivor of a terraformed planet.
A Defiled rebel unplugged from the Feed.
And a memory of a time long ago.

Five lives witness change in a universe that forgot it was possible.

In the distant future every species is given a single vote to coordinate its existence. Humans, who sit at the top of this Democratic Assembly, require constant planetary terraforming to accommodate their booming population, which now includes naturally occurring genetic duplicates for every living sequence.

This is the way it has always been.

But when the one-thousandth Alien pyramid is found on a distant planet, and the murder of the marines who discovered it is broadcast across the public Feed, it seems change has finally come. Some would do anything to promote it, while others would die to prevent it.

No one is ready for the truth: that change may come at the destruction of everything, and the ancient realization that “we are not alone” is about to take a whole new meaning.
My Thoughts:
I’m just going to start this by being open and honest, like always. I’m not usually a very big fan of this type of Science Fiction, it’s not usually for me. I do read some, just not usually this kind. When I received a request to read this, however, the synopsis intrigued me enough that there was no other answer but to say “Heck Yes!” I’m so glad I did.
In other books like this that I have read(I’ll admit, there’s been very few), the “bad guys” aren’t usually human beings, but they sorta are in this book. I found myself immediately swept into reading it. It was a real page-turner type book(my favorite kind!) and had me reading long past midnight. Yes, David Kraine is to blame for me falling asleep during breakfast the next morning–just saying! I honestly could not put it down. I can’t really say there were any parts that were slow as I was always ready for the next page(which I think I covered in the whole face to plate breakfast debacle).
Another cool thing about this book is that there is a companion comic book series to compliment it. Now, I’m not an expert on comic books, they’ve never really been quite my cup of tea, but after reading the book and taking a peek at the comic I will say that if you do like comic books it certainly compliments the book perfectly! In fact, I highly recommend both the book and Ezekial #1(the comic). Both are entertaining and(I feel) really unique. All I’m saying is, if you can get a person who’s not a big fan of Science Fiction to absolutely fall in love with your book, you are definitely doing something right. So, whether or not you’re a fan of the genre, I recommend you check The Plague out as I don’t feel you’ll be disappointed!
*I received this book for review from the author, but this in no way affected my thoughts expressed in this review.*

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