Today’s Freebies, Sales and New Releases, January 1 2017

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Happy New Year! There’s nothing quite like starting out the new year on the right foot, and so I’ve rounded up today’s top deals in books, travel, and more to help you kickstart 2017!



Please note: Prices change frequently so please make sure you check before you click! 


Until You by Melody Heck Gatto

Contemporary Romance, Hockey Romance,

This prequel introduces you to the characters in Melody’s hockey romance series – The Renegades – and takes place in the summer. A short, spicy-sweet read that will be sure to help you remember warmer days while the weather gets colder… and warmer… and colder again. Or is that just Kentucky this year?

Once in a While by Linda Ellen

Romance, Inspirational Romance 

I had the pleasure of meeting Linda this past Fall at Pages in the Caves and I was absolutely amazed to learn that this book was actually based on her parent’s love story. In the vein of Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook this book is a truly moving story and so you should definitely grab it up while it’s free – and then one-click the next in the series!

Irish Romance Boxed Set by Susanne O’Leary 

Contemporary Romance

A boxed set of romance novels all set in beautiful Ireland! I haven’t read these yet but Ireland is on top of my dream places to visit in the next few years so I’m really looking forward to diving in!

The Lake by AnnaLisa Grant

YA, YA Romance

A sweet teen love story about a teen who has twice lost her parental figures but might just find hope again with her estranged aunt and uncle… and love with a boy named Will.  I’ve not read this yet but I’ve had it on my Kindle for a while so maybe I should make one of my New Year’s Resolutions to give it a go!

Go Take a Hike in the Great Smoky Mountains by Michael Morjal

As someone with a great love of hiking, with a pretty lofty goal of hiking three days a week in 2017 to get prepared for my 2018 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike goal I am really looking forward to Michael’s insights as I so love the Smokies! They need all the love they can get after the tragedies that struck this beautiful area this past year.

$5 FREE from BookOutlet

Okay, so not exactly a free book but hear me out. I LOVE BookOutlet because they offer paperbacks and hardbacks at ebook prices, so I’m teaming up with them to give you $5 free! They have crazy low prices on bestsellers in a variety of genres.


The new year is always a perfect time to get just a bit more organized. Here are some planners to check out to help you accomplish your goals in 2017.


Asana is completely online, and there are apps for your Smartphones. This is perfect for project planning, editorial calendars or even family calendars. You can create tasks, set their priority levels and set due dates. You can even break down a bigger task into smaller ones and set due dates on these as well. It’s amazing! Free version has everything, but there is a paid version if you need to add a few more teammates.

Productive Flourishing

Productive Flourishing has a ton of free printables such as a productivity heat map, blog planner, and daily habit trackers. Definitely check this resource out!

Scattered Squirrel

With a name like Scattered Squirrel you know these printables are going to be fun, and she has them in multiple sizes so you can choose whether or not you want a full size planner or one small enough to fit in your handbag(or manpurse – Chef don’t judge).


That’s all I have for today – Be sure to check back in tomorrow for more great deals!

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